MAY 10, 2014

New Tsimane - Secure Lodge - Asunta

Untamed Angling is very proud to announce the final result of epic efforts to rebuilt the Tsimane Secure Lodge in Asunta. After a very tight schedule a brand new lodge was built in a place it was  only pure jungle.

As you probably heard from us, there were intense rain and floods in the center of Bolivia from all January and February months. All Beni state and portion of Bolivian Amazon were flooded. That was the worst flood in Beni’s history by far. 

Unfortunately we suffered a misfortune event at Tsimane: a huge alluvium crashed against Asunta Secure lodge, causing serious damages on the building. 

We immediately started to re build and re locating the lodge, and it’s already finished on time for this season. We worked hard and in only 70 days an entire new lodge was built together with our partners; the Tsimane indians communities, as we always did.  

Here goes the result of our efforts. A brand new lodge, extremely confortable in a safer place. Please check it out the slide show attached but the images are strong, not for everyone.

A last update: Now waters are clear and full of fish. There’s a good thing in big floods of amazon jungle. It bring new life and more food because there are much more percent at of juvenile fish species which can survive in flooded areas protected from their main predators. Finally when waters dropped there’s a LOT of food and fish start to migrate intensively upstream for food and Tsimane will have at least a couple of years of astonishing fishing seasons.