JULY 08, 2014

Agua Negra - Fishing Report - Jun 20-29


Overall Conditions:

The weather forecast was looking good for first 4 days, expecting and looking forward to get some nice fish in secure and Agua Negra. Still waiting for the migratory dorados to arrive following the sabalos, our main plan was to look for the big dorados upstream form our camp at Agua Negra.

Weather Conditions:          

The weather conditions still not the best for fishing and the rivers still a bit muddy. Good sunny days were followed be rainy days, making the temperature to drop and also the water temperature. During these days from the 20th to 26th the temperature was about 26-27°C but the next two days lots of rain and the temperature drop.The temperature was about 15°C.


Water Conditions:

4 days of good water temperature, about 20°C. after these 4 nice days,  the temperature dropped and a lot of rain, making the water temperature also cold and making the conditions almost impossible to fish for 2 days.


As usual with our plan to go upstream Agua Negra river, we received our guests, first arriving David Addie and Tim Joern, and after them Peter Scribner. All of them did their best fishing upstream from Kerosene (Agua Negra camp). The clear waters welcome them with the laugh and jokes from David, the bonhomie of Tim and the patience waiting from Peter to catch his big dorado. Lots of dorados in this section of the river and also some yatoranas were hooked.

Meanwhile, the secure river continues giving us some nice surprises, even while the conditions were not the best, some nice dorados were caught, some of them with more than 80cm. making this experience unforgettable for these fishermen. Lots of bites some of them were lost but a lot of adrenalin seeing dorados ran into the sticks and branches to escape. How to stop this mussel matching with a golden steelhead? There is no way to stop this short runs from such big dorados even using 40 pounds leader. It's a real challenge even for the most experienced anglers. The Bolivian jungle rivers gives the opportunity to fight against one of this dorados.

Despite the bad weather conditions, (we had 2 days of bad weather and we were not able to go out to fish during these days), 37 dorados were caught in between these 3 fishermen. The biggest fish was caught by David Addie with 89 centimeters long and 50 centimeter wide. 

Agua Negra Guides Team.